Welcome!  Watercolor paints are customarily evaluated on a few key attributes .

about me:

I love to paint landscapes, figurative compositions and abstracts using the medium Acrylic and oils which is my heart and soul. Other than this, same subjects I do depict with watercolors. But my first passion and choice is always Acrylic. I am always at ease in making my creations with this lovely media. The lucidity and spontaneity of the medium has always a magnetic attraction for me! The touch and feel of my brush dipped in pure Acrylic or Oil and rolling and sliding on canvas and paper gives me heavenly pleasure. To me Art is the reflection of my inner feelings and reactions about what I see around. My Art is my Creation and I am the Creator. My main mission in life as a painter is getting self satisfaction through my creative pursuits and giving a sense of immense joy and pleasure to the viewers of my work.

Wish you all a very happy journey of browsing through my works!